Exercise and a healthy, sustainable diet are indeed keys to achieving your bod goals. But what if time is not on your side and the moment just calls for a couple of cocktails with BFFs, endless lunch dates, and daily dinner meetings? Summer is fast approaching and achieving your best summer body ever can be a bit daunting given your hectic schedule so you definitely need fitness hacks for advantage; just get your diet and exercise on point, and take Kilo Off and blaze your way to your summer body in no time!

  1. Circuit Training + Kilo Off 24 Capsules + Concentrated Juice (Orange) = Killer abs

Nothing burns fat like a beast like Circuit Training; it is proven that multiple movements coupled with short resting period uses up more energy, thus accelerating calorie and fat burn. Boost the effects of your interval training with Kilo Off 24 Capsule that burns fat ‘round the clock and Concentrated Juice in Orange helps give a flatter stomach by draining excess water while supporting a healthy digestion.


Image by Jackie Go: KILO OFF 20-DAY CHALLENGE


  1. Cardio + Weight Training + Kilo Off Powder Drink + Kilo Off Concentrated Juice (Purple)= Power weight loss

Gained weight due to the past festivities? Double time on your fitness efforts by combining Cardio (e.g. dance, boxing) and Weight training every week; cardio will torch fat and weight training will build muscle, which in turn helps you burn more fat. Take Kilo Off Powder Drink as its 4-in-1 action supports overall slimming and Kilo Off Concentrated Juice (Purple) is targeted to fat burn.

  1. Running + Kilo Off Concentrated Juice (Orange) + Kilo Off Concentrated Juice (Purple)= Bye Bye Bulge

Stomach bulge is caused not only by fat, but by water gain and retention as well. Engage in exercises that help you sweat a lot such as running to help get rid of excess water and combine with Kilo Off Concentrated Juice (Orange) and Kilo Off Concentrated Juice (Purple) to combat bulge and achieve a flatter stomach.

With these fitness hacks, healthy diet, and Kilo Off, you’ll get that summer- ready body effectively, safely, and quickly!