Meant to slim you down and provide a 24- hour fat- burning effect. Down 1-2 capsules before meals, and take four capsules maximum for a day when weight loss is an urgent need. Compared to the powder drink, this capsule is more focused on burning fat. Opt for this capsule form if you need to lose weight quicker.


91% of women lost fat mass over a 15-day period based on Efficacy study no. VT2439 conducted in France.


Active Ingredients: Pepper, Fennel, and Green Tea extracts to burn fat and detoxify; Coriander to improve digestion.


Instructions for use: Take 1 – 2 capsules before your main meals for the day (twice a day). Maximum of 4 capsules per day. Be sure to take within 5 minutes before eating.


Recommended Treatment Period: 15 days


Price: P850.00 for a box of 30 capsules