About Kilo Off


Kilo Off was created in France by Laboratories Vitarmonyl. The brand has been launched in over 20 countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Korea, Italy, Japan and Belgium.

Kilo Off is a weight loss system designed to help you slim down the healthy way! Choose from a wide variety of products: revitalizing powder drink, energizing capsule or a refreshing natural juice, and start your weight loss journey today.

All Kilo Off products are made from all-natural ingredients and are safe with minimal side effects. The products have been approved by the European and local FDA.


About the Manufacturer:


Laboratories Vitarmonyl was created in 1994 with the mission to make high quality nutritional supplements – beauty, health, personal care. The Vitarmonyl quality means:

1. Priority given to natural ingredients and plants

2. Manufactures according to pharmaceutical standards

3. Best possible combination of quality-price-treatment and

4. Authorized by health authorities like Dietitian Nutritionist.

About the Distributor:


We are the premier distributor of international beauty and wellness brands with a strong focus on effective, highly marketable and distinctive products. Pavo Allure International is the sister company of Top That Corp. (established 2002), which specializes in the distribution of spa and salon professional products. We are the partner of Laboratories Vitarmonyl in the Philippines.